Featured Story in Atlantic Beach Living Magazine - April 1, 2022
Excerpt from Beaches Leader
March 5, 2020. Writer Liza Mitchell
As a photographer, Glenn Shuck is always thinking about his next shot. He is methodical in his approach to his craft. Where most people might only see a busy sidewalk or a brightly-lit restaurant sign, Shuck envisions color, composition and structure. His streetscapes capture the beauty in the minutiae of daily life.
“From day one, my tag line as a beach and street photographer was capturing the fun and beauty in every day moments in Atlantic Beach. It’s really that simple,” he said. “I enjoy both sides. I started out more on the sunrise side of things but I think people know me now as Mr. Sunset.”
Shuck embraces the challenge of working in low-light settings, playing with the shapes and shadows, discovering ways to create captivating images in the darkness that are full of life. Light is everything in photography, and while he appreciates the crispness of the colors in the day time, Shuck is enjoying the process of playing with moon and the drama created by the clouds to define those interesting moments after the sun has set.
Two hours before sunset, Shuck starts watching the clouds, seeking out those fleeting moments when the sky is at its most magical. “
I’ve been practicing and working and learning how to work that camera for a few years,” said Shuck, who got his first DSL in Christmas of 2013. “What a wonderful kind of backdrop we have here in Atlantic Beach to do sunrise over the beach and sunsets over the Intracoastal and then the night town shots. That’s what’s exciting.”
As Shuck continues to sharpen his skills, he’s discovering new life for his photos outside of the social media platforms where he shares his work. He established an online store where prints are available for purchase on canvas and he’s recently adding his images to metal.
“It’s getting me excited. They look almost 3-D. I am working very hard to bring not only smaller pieces to people but I’m getting involved in some commercial pieces as well. My goal is to bring these images to the wall. I’ve been working really hard to learn phase two in my journey. It’s taken me years to slowly get better in just getting those images,” he remarked of merging his technical acumen with the creative side he didn’t even know existed for a “perfect storm.”
“That’s been a fun journey for me. As I’ve gotten more and more technical with the camera, it opens up your mind as to more and more types of shots. I guess I’m a little bit of a different cat than some of the people that want to walk on the beach and grab a shot. I’ve got shots that I’ve been thinking about and planning for years. I’m always waiting for the right things to line up. It’s so much fun and it’s so rewarding to get the feedback that I get. It’s what gets me going and keeps me going.”
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