Delivering a Personal Experience
We Offer Design Assistance and Selection Services to Every Client

We've found that after 10 years, 90% of our customers want to talk with the artist and get their help in getting the right image, right medium, right size and perfect placement! Let's put a custom built "Glenn Shuck" in your home or office today!
1) Image Selection and Placement
It starts with an image that you love, or a space on your wall that needs updating.
We'll look at your color scheme decor, and also available space for assisting you in getting the perfect picture that fits just right.
We have hundreds of images segmented by categories to narrow the focus quickly.
2) Medium and Sizing
We can provide room mockups, or even use your phone pic of your space and show you what it will look like in your environment.
We'll help you decide on the medium ie. canvas vs. metal and best size.
Hint: Canvas is a softer look, while metal makes the image just pop, almost 3D like!
We can even mock up canvasses with frames with different colors for you to choose from.
3a) Frame and Mat Options
We can mock up your image matted and framed in varying sizes and colors too for that more formal look, and price it for you with within your budget constraints.
Hint: Bigger typically looks better, but also costs more :)
3b) Arrangements
Don't forget to ask us about Diptych (2 images side by side) or Flagstone arrangements (3-7 images arranged in fun patterns that really tell a story)
Hint: We love this arrangement in Thinwraps
4) Delivery and Artist Signature
Finally, we can deliver and install for you too. It's not expensive, promise. We also have pickup and drop ship options as well.
Tip: We are pretty OCD so we want it to "fit visually" just right and will assist to make it just right for you too!
The finishing touch for many is an artist signature. Sometimes we like images without one so you won't hurt our feelings if you want the image to just be.
Tip: For framed prints with glass, you have the option to request a digital artist signature
"Glenn captures the essence of old Atlantic Beach that those of us ensconced here hold so dear. His photography is not simply beautiful scenery perfectly portrayed, but has the heart and soul of the city's being itself!"
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